Gokarna : A Backpackers paradise

Gokarna  The name Gokarna (Karnataka, India), means cow’s ear (go=cow karna=ear) in Sanskrit and is based on Hindu mythology and a pivotal name amongst Lord Shiva disciples. At this place the Western Ghats integrates with Arabian Sea. Highlights Tadadi beach (estuary of the river Aghanashini.) Paradise Beach aka Gods Own Beach Half Moon Beach OM […]

Gandikota & Belum-Caves: AP

I came to know about Gandikota and Belum-caves, while trying to look for Canyons in India. The moment I read about it, it entered in my to to-do list. Though, it took me some time to plan it. Gandikota : India’s Grand Canyon Gandikota, can be precisely claimed as the main Grand Canyon of India. This […]