Gokarna : A Backpackers paradise

Gokarna : A Backpackers paradise


The name Gokarna (Karnataka, India), means cow’s ear (go=cow karna=ear) in Sanskrit and is based on Hindu mythology and a pivotal name amongst Lord Shiva disciples. At this place the Western Ghats integrates with Arabian Sea. 1-IMG_9863.CR2_new


Tadadi beach (estuary of the river Aghanashini.)
Paradise Beach aka Gods Own Beach
Half Moon Beach 
OM beach
Kudle Beach
Gokarna Beach

There are few known renowned places in India which are known for it’s laid-back and unspoiled rustic nature. Gokarana is certainly amongst them. This place is personally among my favourite. It doesn’t matter, how many times I have been here. Whenever I am here, it projects something new which is substantial to amaze me. This town bear a resemblance like any other town in Karnataka (The Kochi – Panvel Highway) however to unleash it’s true identity, one has to be here with an open heart and move forward to some rustic and less visited spots. It’s certainly a bliss for nature lover, backpacker, adventure seeking enthusiastic or someone who is simply trying to speculate within his soul. Gokarna is certainly not going to disappoint you.

The cheapest mode to reach here would be KSRTC buses, it costed me 400 Rs one way. Usually I prefer to visit a place in off season, this gives me a chance to bargain. This works for me, however it doesn’t mean this is only right thing to do. The prime season to be at this place is from Dec to Feb. Moreover I stayed near bus stand because usually shacks on beaches cost more, moreover they are not far away. I feel, If I can save money on lodging, the same money can be used to rent a bike & explore and cover the distances.

How to Reach

Nearest Railway Station : Gokarna Road (GOK)
KSTRC Buses             : Gokarna Bus stand, however Kumta would a good option too (31 KM approx.)
Airport                 : Dabolim in Goa

Gokarna town map.

The core idea behind this trip was to explore Gokarna from a raw perspective and appreciate it’s beauty. I was here before and had explored it in a hippie style but this time I was only intented to just take a glimpse of the beaches & imbibe it’s beauty. I hope you will agree with me on this particular aspect that, to see or feel a place the best mode to travel is on foot.

Tadadi beach

The trail starts from Tadi-Gokarna road which passes through Tadadi Fishing Harbour, this can be your inception point. Tadadi beach is usually used for commercial purpose by local fisherman’s. However I was mesmerised after gazing the vast cost line and estuary of the river Aghanashini . If time is on your side, try to stroll on this beach and share the experience as well.


Paradise Beach aka Gods Own Beach

You have to keep following the road and after a while you will start your ascent on the hills & the road will vanish. The trek is simple however you can take help from local people just to rule out any confusion. Once you are on the trail, tracks are clearly visible, there shouldn’t be a problem to move forward. The Beach is not inhabited at all and there are no shops either. But this is what which makes this beach special. Landlocked from three sides and endless Arabian Ocean in front. I have no doubt why it’s called God’s own beach.


I met here few interesting folks, I will not share their identity but I would like to share their stories here, it inspired me. These folks are childhood friend and in different sort of occupation but they come twice in an year to  this beach and stay here for weeks secluded from outer world. Don’t you think this is the best way to deepen your bondings with loved ones, in the lap of nature?


Half Moon Beach

This tiny beach (Shape of half moon) is accessibly via trek only similar to Paradise. However usually tourists take ferry from OM beach to reach here. If you are a party lover or planning to some quality time with your loved once. This is the place for you. There are shacks available along with food. So yes, a bit of work is involved in reaching here but where is fun without work !!.


OM beach

This beach is named because it’s shores and curtly shaped in the form of OM. I am not sure if there is any legend behind this but this certainly provides evidence that Lord Shiva was here. Last time when I was here I stayed in Namaste Cafe and Nirvana Cafe. If you are coming from East side of the hill (via trekking), Nirvana cafe is near by. It’s a decent place with basic amenities. However the owner of this place is a nice person. Also as per my experience the eastern portion of this beach is better, if you are planning to dive in the ocean or planning to do sun basking.



Kudle Beach

This one is my favourite. This time by the time I reached here, it was already dawn and I was so tired that I decided to eat out & said bid adieu to this place. However I had some unforgettable memories of this place during my last visit. its crystal clear water, well defined clear shore & topping in its beauty was the white sand. We spent almost four hours just trying to imbibe its beauty in our eyes, the dawn was making the view more scenic.

Gokarna Beach

Gokarna is a temple town and this beach is in very close proximity to the town and near to Mahabaleshwara Temple. It’s more famous among Hindu Pilgrims who come to this town to perform relegious duty or pay their respect to lord shiva. It’s a beautiful beach and waitching morning sunrise from associated hills can cherish you. Unfortunetly, it was a bit cloudy so I couldn’t take a glimpse of morning sun. However, nature offered me something else which was splendid to watch. Waves were careless & were humming like a bunch of boys singing on their way to home after a long journey with a rhythmic pulse.

Gokarna Beach

Life is beautiful and it’s beauty enhances, when you come across with some of the lesser known beautiful artefacts of creativity. I don’t known this craftsman but this is a gorgeous example of someones creative imagination. This is certainly the place where religion integrates with spirituality.


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  1. Really nice travelogue. Keep posting more like these.

  2. Sure, and thank you that you liked it

  3. Beautiful pictures. Even on cloudy and rainy days, you can never go wrong with a beach. And your video is making me want to go to the beach again!

  4. Thank you

  5. I loved the pictures of the different beaches. They each have such unique characteristics.

  6. What a tranquil place to explore the outdoors and relax at the many beaches. Sounds like the perfect get away. What is the weather like on the off season?

  7. It’s going to be a bit humid in the noon but this is a small trade off & costs less as well. A perfect paradise who wants to get lost. 🙂

  8. The beaches look peaceful and lovely. I believe Gokarna is getting quite popular now. I love that last picture of the face carved on that rock. Can you tell me more about that?

  9. I’m honestly not a beach person but Paradise Beach looks amazing! And if those two last pics are from Gokarna, it looks like this place might be even for beach grinches like me.

    Thank you for sharing & happy continued travels!

  10. It doesn’t look like a Caribbean beach with turquoise water but that’s fine with me. The surroundings make everything better. It looks like a truly magnificent and quite place. One can relax for weeks on end and not be bothered.

  11. Tahadi beach looks so tropical! If you hadn’t told me, i wouldn’t have thought it was in India. This country seems so full of wonderful surprises!

  12. Paradise Beach excites me .I really enjoy some quaint time when travelling. Since most of the beaches are crowded,this place must have been a pleasant experience.

  13. Amazing pictures of beaches especially that Gokarna Beach. I just love to see the ocean, the waves and hills. It’s kind of relaxing to watch. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful beaches. If ever I’ll visit these place, I’ll keep this blog for reference. ☺☺☺

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