Hampi Diaries from Karnataka India: My Travelogue

Hampi Diaries from Karnataka India: My Travelogue

A place Joyce with Hampiness !!

Hampi is small town located near Hospet town and Bellary District in the Karnataka state in India. If I ask you to name places in India which is recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage sites, there are several names which will strike to your mind & Hampi is one of them. This is listed as “Group of Monuments at Hampi and was enlisted in 1986. This place needs no introduction and has a lot to offer, either if you want to see the seconds largest ruins of Vijayanagara Empire {Hampi was the Capital}  after Rome or if you believe in legend of Lord Hanuman & interested to see his birthplace, which used to be known as Kishkindha {Monkey Kingdom}. Ruins can be awesome isn’t it ? This place is also a  paradise {virupapura gaddi aka Hippie Island} for people who are not looking for luxury but want to go back experience something majestic but simple.

Hampi Island : These locations on Google Maps will help you to reach find Hampi Island.

How to reach Hampi

Best and economical way to reach here is train, nearest station is Hospet which is 13 km’s away from the town of Hampi. There are buses & autos available from Hospet to reach the town.

To know more visit http://hampi.in/how-to-reach-hampi

Illustration : Hampi Island

My Intent in this trip was of course to walk through this very history of this place but for me the salient attraction was Hampi aka Hippie Island. I am not sure since when this place became famous among foreign tourists but certainly this place is famous among backpackers. This is difficult to explain in words but this place carries a casual, informal and relaxed feel along with a discern attitude. It makes it a perfect spot for people who wants to just sit back, relax and want to seconds to moves on slowly and just linger on.  This place is also a heaven for people who love Bouldering & Rock Climbing.

Review: Hampi Island

Tungabhadra river segments this place in two parts; Hampi town & Hampi Island. Hampi Island is a famous among foreigners and backpackers. They abode this place during their stay in Hampi. If you are new to this place you will not find it in the maps easily. So search for virupapura gaddi village. Or simplest way would be to search for “Gouthami Guest House”, I am not implying to stay here but it would be a perfect spot on the map to find this place & of you want you can hide out here too.  This place is easily accessible via 10 minutes’ ferry ride which is known as “Hampi-Kishkinda Ferry” {Google Coordinates are 15°20’17.0″N 76°27’30.5″E}, and managed by local people, try to board it early in the day as they stop the services usually by 5:30 PM & this may not be available during Monsoon.

Accommodation is very basic in this part, which means basically huts & cottages, hence if you prefer, you can stay in Hampi Town & visit the place using ferry rides. I would suggest to hire a two wheeler to explore the area. The mode of transportation is not in abundance in this part of Hampi. Shacks & café are are easily available  & offer different variety of foods but prices may surprise you. If you are a music lover, then there is another reason to come here, Karaoke & live band music with some beer can easily have a trance effect on you.

Things to do in Hampi Island.

Rock climbing & Bouldering, at least try it, I have no shame in accepting that I didn’t try anything of this sort but felt happy watching others doing it.  You can contact these lovely people from Tom & Jerry climbing Shop to assist with gears.  A visit to Sanapur Lake (Hampi) is a must thing to do.


Watching Sunrise from Anjenya Hill  may take your breath away & beware of Monkeys, what do you expect, this is birth place of our monkey god Hanuman. This is like 570 steps ascent only.
Relax & Chilling on Hill top
Just relax, spent some time with yourself. Especially evenings while at dawn, watching Sun going down at the horizon may rejuvenate you & I am sure you will like it.


Ruins of Vijayanagar Empire

Hampi was capital of this Kingdom which existed in between 1336 to 1565. I consider them relatively new to roman empire. I am proud of this place and it’s legacy. The ruins are spread in 25 Square KM area which makes it difficult to visit the whole site in a single day. You need to devout some days to really see this place.

I only managed to see couple of sites which includes ;

Vittala Temple: One of the famous spots in these ruins, the chariot has been a symbolic figure in Karnataka tourism. Interestingly instead of horses you will notice elephants as the carriers.

Virupaksha Temple: An ancient temple and still active among Shiva & Pampa devi followers. People believe that, if you are not getting a life partner, this is the place you have to be and offer your prayers.

Royal Enclosure
Please go through this official Website & Maps Section to know more about this place.

Website: http://hampi.in/

I am sure I have missed a lot of places as time was on shorter side.  Eventually this also means that I have another reason to return.

Happy Traveling !!

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  1. Nicely put, Piyush..

  2. Thank you

  3. wow! I love historical places like this! The rocks are very cool looking. I would probably try to climb them but not very successfully! Interesting that the Chariot is being pulled by such small elephants!

  4. I fell in love with rock climbing in Thailand so I am always looking for new places to go do that. Hampi looks like the perfect place. I had never even heard of Hampi until I came across this post. Thanks for the guide!

  5. As I am not the sporty type, I would probably watch the others climb the rocks and make pictures of it. It looks like a real nice place, worth a visit!

  6. We had gone to Hampi on new year, almost 2 years back with our little daughter. We liked the place so much. Felt nostalgic reading the post. I loved the temple and the elephant inside it who blesses everyone 🙂

  7. We’d love to visit Hampi. The natural beauty is stunning and the monuments are also amazing. Seeing the contrast between the intricate carving and raw boulders is so appealing. Both are awesome and seeing them side by side is a treat for the senses.

  8. I would love to visit Virupaksha and Vittala temple! You got great photos by the way especially the boulders!!

  9. I really enjoyed reading your post. Hampi is a great destination and I have read about it a lot though have not yet managed to strike it off from my bucket list. Great photos!

  10. I have to go here! I have never seen anything like this in India, looks epic! I spent 10 days in India back in 2015 and have been hoping to get back soon.

  11. Very exhaustive and well-written post about Hampi, I had no idea there was some bouldering spots in the area, thanks for sharing! Vincent

  12. This is very informative. Hampi has always been a place of interest for me and it’s great to know so much about the place.

  13. Nice narrative done with great pictures. Have very rarely seen things from different perspective presented in this blog. Looking forward to more like these.

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