Kudremukh (Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka) Trek
Sneak Peak view !!

Kudremukh (Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka) Trek

I came to Bangalore because of a job change, I have never been to southern part of India afore. I emanate from Varanasi and  have been on several treks. Southern part of India is lot different from North so as their mountains. We cannot compare these apexes of Western Ghats to the hills & Apexes of north but this is altogether a different experience. I was feeling scarcely solitary here & had no conception about the options to rejuvenate myself. One of my friend, who is turning into a professional mountaineer offered to visit Kudremukh peak which prevaricates in the Kudremukh National Park, the idea clicked and plan was materialized in the following weekend.

10288713_867505673265507_1097462574053904779_n 10261952_867505583265516_2710487723074811370_n 1001971_867505486598859_176462132433534850_nKudremukh is a desolate place because of ban imposed on mining, the most proximate town is Kalsa. I didn’t expect much from this peregrination but I was erroneous & I am blissful about it.

We boarded an overnight bus around 11:00 PM from Bangalore to Kudremukh town, we were not vigilant that initially we require to take an approval from the  forest department, fortuitously we met with a group which was heading to the same destination & it was an  immense group & four people were absent so they had space to accommodate us with them. We reached Shamse by 4:00 AM, the atmosphere was remotely arctic it felt astonishing though there is nothing spectacular about shamse, there are some two or three shops & an over bridge which connects to the national park road.

Here comes the best part “Jeep Ride”, I have peregrinated in Jeeps several time but can’t explicate this feeling. The roads were rough & soil was loose. It was virtually a six km roller coaster ascent, I felt like doing a river rafting in a boat though there was no river or a boat.

In Kudremukh National Park, night stay is not sanctioned however we were fortuitous to be with this group & manage to stay in the forest department office, they charged us for the lodging & victuals but it was awe-inspiring.

10302447_867505763265498_199928661156346334_n 10304872_867506029932138_3592840828423120528_n 10330250_867504996598908_4199519498362222433_n 1613876_867505823265492_792079627587891054_n

Commenced our Journey in 5:00 AM in the morning, it was a moderate trek of 8 KM (one way), in the commencement it was facile but as day got more effulgent the heat commenced taking its effect. I admit that this trek was different from other treks which I had been to, you have to be yare for the sear heat. It was an astounding feeling though, I was feeling like that I am solitary in this wilderness though it was erroneous. 🙂

Trek had its effect & by the time I came back to our hideout, I was exhausted, to my luck I was carrying my slumber bag & a bottle of Rum. The caretaker was a nice lady, she arranged a bon-fire for us & cooked ambrosial meal though I can’t designate what I had in dinner because of my lack of cognizance.

The feeling was sublime, after an 18 km trek, sitting underneath open empyrean, besides fire & counting stars….
Next morning again boarded Jeep to Shamse but this time it was a decent & less thrilling (maybe I was expecting this) .

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