Nagalapuram falls(Andhra Pradesh, Chittoor): A stunner
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Nagalapuram falls(Andhra Pradesh, Chittoor): A stunner

The Nagalapuram falls (Saddhi Koodu Madugu Waterfalls) is situated within a close proximity to Arai town in Chittoor region, Andhra Pradesh. Acclaimed for its lovely trekking course and marvelous waterfall in Nagalapuram slopes. The trek is around 30 km from the main town. There are inside and out five pools which finish up this course, general stretch would associate with 15-16 km. It’s anything but difficult to situate on the guide and there is an engine capable street accessible to achieve the town which is all around associated with NH4.

This fall is still not famous among nature lovers but slowly & gradually getting famous as a picnic spot but there is more to that. In order to reach the trail, search for the course for the lake which is a sort of a repository of the stream.

The trail course is  direct however as I specified before this trail comprises of five falls and the greater part of the group goes  till the second fall (I noticed  that it has turned into a picnic spot) in any case on the off chance that you are planning  to go past this point , I would suggest  to contact a nearby guide or some experience individual from town (yet the majority of them speak either Telugu or Tamil) in light of the fact that the trail gets difficult .

Day 1

We reached the lake (Arai Village) at a young hour in the morning and in the wake of getting a parking space close to the lake (2 km from the town ) , we did our imperative assignment to plan for the trail. I simply need to repeat that this spot is still not popularized henceforth kindly don’t expect any washrooms or snacks/feast around.

Loved it !!Lakeinthemorning


  • The trail was strenuous in patches in any case in the event that you take after the stream there are minor risks that you may get lost .
  • There is not a lot to do at the primary pool however the highlight of the day was the second pool , this is just 6 feet profound and an impeccable spot to splash yourself with no apprehension of suffocating yet one ought to be mindful .


Simplywow :)

  • The crystal  clear water and the outright hush will blow your mind .
  • Here you can without much of a stretch appreciate normal fish spa , it tickles a bit however in the event that you give it some time , you will get accustomed to it .

The Authentic fish spa !!


  • The best part for me was the third pool , it is no less than 20 Ft deep and jump into this invigorated me and I would not like to leave it . Please be cautious and don’t attempt to get into this on the off chance that you don’t know swimming or apprehensive of deep water .


  • Beyond this point the ascent gets difficult & If you are not a professional trekker or have someone experienced with you. Please refrain from going at this point.
  • We covered this entire trail in approx. five hours which incorporated the phenomenal  time spent in the second and third pool. We came to at zenith by 2:00 PM. Subsequent to spending an hour at the top, we dropped and came to the parking space in under 2 hours.


We pitched our camp close to the lake , we were lucky that grazing animals directed us to this  spot . This was an impeccable night . I could see the sparkling stars & a clear sky, which was exciting . I can still speculate & feel  the chilling water of the pool or the jump I took  in it . I will cherish this memory forever .


“Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day.”

– Rachel Boston

I will urge to all fellow travelers who travel to these remote areas & a matter of fact to any area, it shouldn’t be a weight to carry them back in litter sacks. These spots are our country pride and we have no privilege to ruin them or leave the characteristics of our nearness. It made me truly dismal on the grounds that you will see individuals who think of  these spots as their dump-yard. There is no one coming to clean your garbage , please be a responsible traveler or tourist.

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Day 2

Next morning, we began our journey back. I was  fortunate to appreciate the sugar stick straight from a cultivating land which helped me to remember my childhood and the time I have spent in my village. I met some kindest hearted and wonderful individuals, which reminded me of  this quote:

“The best & the most  beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with heart “
– Helen Keller

During the return journey , while reaching  Kolar, we took a little detour and chose to investigate the caves at Antargange. This was a stunning feeling, These caves made me realized that nature is mightiest, it can only  make these tremendous wonders.

AntharaGange is a mountain situated in the Shathashrunga mountain range in the south-eastern region of the Indian state of Karnataka. It literally means “The Ganges from deep” in Kannada. It is located three kilometers from Kolar in the direction of Kolar Betta, the series of mountains that form the temple backdrop.



  • The caves are lovely and it’s an extraordinary ordeal for an individual.
  • This is a moderate trek and shouldn’t take over an hour, however , please try to remain watchful before you choose to enter the caverns particularly if kids and aged individuals are with you.
  • Drink water from the temple, it will saturate  your thirst. This is en-route to the caves.

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