Thadiyandamol and Chelvara Falls (Madikeri, Karnataka) – A perfect Getaway

Thadiyandamol and Chelvara Falls (Madikeri, Karnataka) – A perfect Getaway

I am not an expert trekker but rather traveling is something which makes me upbeat. For the duration of my life, I have comprehended one thing, isolation is not quite equivalent to the sentiment of being solitary. it’s anything but arduous to make sense of and in the event that you genuinely comprehend it, you commence getting a charge out of it more . Traveling helps me clear my thought process which gets foggy in the turmoil of every day routine.

“In listening and stillness there is nobody who is still, and this stillness doesn’t refer to any object; it is absolutely object-less; it is our real nature.”
 – Jean Klein

Tadiyandamol (1,748 Meters) is the third most immensely colossal peak in Karnataka , it signifies an immense base. The most proximate town is Virajpet (Kadagu) & it is 30 km away from Madakari. This town is famous for its high quality spices & coffee.


We commenced our trip from Bangalore around 9:30 PM in the night, there were minute hops in terms of break but we managed to reach Virajpet afore dawn. I never prefer to abode in hotels because you don’t feel a connect to the place. Fortuitously we got accommodation at this house (no less than a resort) which was managed by a blissful & charming lady, amid of spices & coffee plantation. The place is called Kadanga, it was a home stay away from home circumvented by lush greenery & fresh air.

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                                                     Shola Forest


We initiated our journey after some breakfast & once the overtness was okay to proceed. The onset point was away from our hideout, so had to on-board a minibus. The overall stretch to summit is 8 km and it is considered to be a moderate trek. The peak is not visible from the commencement point as there are several hills are in midst of it. For first four Km, the inclination is moderate & it is not that steep. However after this it commences to become steep, en-route there is additionally a steep pass-through of a forest kenned as Shola, which designates tropical montane forest dissevered by grassland & hills.


This was the most astounding part withal. From this point, inclination is steep, lose soil was making the ascent arduous. Fortuitously there were no leeches to avenge us, as we breached there territory. However one has to keep this threat in mind & be cautious if you encounter one of them . While crossing this passage, somehow thought of Frodo Baggins stuck  (A protagonist from movie Lord of the rings) in that forest, I don’t ken why.


After three hours since the inception point of trek, we reached at the pinnacle. I ate my lunch underneath the shades of the trees. However I couldn’t spent much time there because of the calefaction. The descent was facile as I had to just manage my pace, rest was taken care by gravity. I reached to the base by 4:30 PM. The bus took us back to our accommodation & the  rest of the evening was tranquil, though I was tired but relished the good repast along with bonfire & a crystal clear sky with. I don’t recollect when I snoozed off.


Next day afore leaving for Bangalore, we headed for Chelvara Falls, denominated after Chelvara village. It’s a nice place but there was not enough water to relish, however I am sure in Monsoon the view would be spectacular. The only thing which pissed me of was the garbage which was dumped by nature doters, we require to be more responsible as we are accountable for our actions.

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