A temple of strayed god (Humans): Shantikunj

A temple of strayed god (Humans): Shantikunj

During my stay in Haridwar, I got an opportunity to stay in Shanti Kunj & experience the teachings & way of living of it’s follower. My Guide was my wife as she has close knit with this place. My father & Grandfather were also follower of Gayatri Family.

I am not a religious person but firmly believe that cults are evolved within a religion due to collision of thoughts & doctrines. However we can not also rule out like any coin each school of thought has two facets. I tried to wander around the campus & it was a great feeling to be part of something beautiful .

I was impressed with this alternative life style within Hinduism which is trying to imbibe mutual respect for living things & persuade others as well. Especially there is a special temple which is dedicated for us ; Humans & was setup in 1986. This concept can be applied to us & even if we follow any particular religion or part of specific cult, this is still relevant & these thoughts stand absolutely true. I try to relate spirituality with traveling & trying to understand the world we have. Unless I cannot follow proper standards in my life, I am no one to ask follow something. You can believe in any school of thoughts but imbibing that in your daily routine is what is important. However there is one important thing to understand. Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life.


Sohum (I am that)

Indeed I am that, whom the almighty has incarnated in human form. Attaining higher spiritual levels is easy for me. I am a sadhak (devotee) whom Yug Rishi has given an opportunity to perform Sadhana (Self-Refinement) in this era. Why should be any prescribed task be difficulty for me?

Shivohum (I am akin to lord Shiva)

Shiva means Auspicious. I am an essentially blessed person, so how can there be a place for evil in my thoughts, feelings or action? if any inappropriate trait has become perpetual to me, it is due to bad company or surroundings. It is foreign to my nature; why should I have any difficulty in removing it?

Sachchidanandohum ( I am the ultimate being, thought & bless)

Why should I be affected by falsehood? Why should I strive for something which will not last forever? I am true bliss; why should I wander searching for material gains? Why not enjoy what is best?

Aymatma Brahm (This very soul is Brahm {God})

As the Ocean is water so also a drop is water. Every ray of the sun has the virtue of the sun. Howsoever small the soul may be, it has the capability of uniting with Brahm; and after union who is small or big? Both tap & tank are capable of providing water so why I should remain small & miserable; why not become all powerful?

Tatvamsi (You are that)

Whatever is great in this life, in the world, all of that is you (supreme soul). Every scene is nothing but light, so why wander searching for greatness? Why become slave of material things? Why not search for greatness in god & god in all the greatness?

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  1. India has always held an allure to me. I hope to make it out there sometime soon to explore. I’m definitely not a religious person, but the spirituality and devotion in the country fascinate me. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thank you

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